Elevation Tracker 应用的评论


Not working

Basically it does not work. Waste of money.

Not worth even $1.99

This App can't even tell you what elevation you have claimed or descended during a hike or ski. You can not get a reading unless you stop the tracking. If you hike a 1100ft peak and track starting at the trailhead returning to the same trailhead your elevation reading gained is ZERO! Duh! Who needs an app for that. It does not provide cumulative number of feet or meters actually climbed. Get a basic altimeter and do your own calculating. The app is a waste.

Good app, needs work

App elevation if off by more than 100 feet. If I go up a mountain and back down it reports a elevation much higher than I started with. Doesn't truly support background app refresh. App constantly crashes or has to be reopened. Doesn't always track elevation and it would be able to use the up/down buttons on the Pebble to look at elevation gain, start/max elevation. Thanks, Mike

Doesn't seem to work at all

Won't detect movement. Reported 11' Elevation change walking in my living room (but still did not detect I was moving) tested several times. No luck at all. IPhone 5 latest iOS release.


Pretty accurate

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